Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last minute purled beret

The weather was changing and I was feeling cold standing at the slide in the play-ground. I wanted a new hat. Browsing Ravelry I found this beret and taking my one skein of Maya yarn I started. First attempt is got too small (I was afraid to run out of yarn) the second attempt was better. Here (and still) it is not blocked so there is no nice edge. The mittens are made a few years ago based on Nysta Ninas pattern. This was the first pair I made, the second pair got lost this spring.

N can fool anyone that she actually made this but I must say I did the most part. Don't missunderstand, I'm being extremely proud and hope she will continue her knitting learning journey. Maybe I also should explain her hat - that is completely her own choice!!

1 comment:

Elena said...

Wow, wow, snacka om att du har varit produktiv senaste tiden!

Åh så söt din tjej är, hon ser ut att trivas! Sådan mor ....