Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oops - what happened?

I was too curious and just had to start the dress in Kalinka for N. I changed the pattern to make it in the round and started with the green pocket. What more can be done to minimize the finishing up part?
Winter and Christmas is getting closer - look at this beatiful flower - thanks!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Want to start (another) new project

With the snow coming to Stockholm I wanted to get a new scarf, a warm cosy one that would look good with my new jacket. I also spend a lot of time in the playground and swings with N (and A) and I'm cold after a while.

Last week I took a walk to Trassel and bought a really soft and thick alpaca yarn.

I'm thinking of making a scarf or a cowl inspired be the pattern on this book cover.

But then I want to start on the dress to N, and a hat for her and A and the green cardigan and all the other ideas and dreams I have ready to start working at.........

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top Down Round Yoke Cardigan started

I have now played with the software and hope to have a pattern that will fit me. I'm using a 3.5 mm hook and got 19 x approx. 14 on 10 x 10cm.

Here is the start of the cardigan. I like the color and the feeling of the yarn. I only bought 1 skein this summer but got great help from Eva to buy the extra 3 I think I need to complete the cardigan.

I think that I've increased where I shouldn't but hope to correct it as I go along.
I think that the button bough Sunday will look great.
I didn't do an UFO last week, maybe this one..... have to think about it :-) I now want to do the new projects and just enjoy that.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Investments from Syfestivalen

Here is the catch I made at Syfestivalen Sunday.I got some wool detergent from Färgkraft, with anti-moth scent. I hope it also helps againts "pälsängrar", I think I have at least one feasting in my closet.

Two to party

N claimed that one cake was not enough, we need at least two for a tea party.

She is so right!

Monday, November 1, 2010

When will I use my fair isle capelet?

I've completed another project as well. Actually, I had a few ready for some days but daylight and T at home to take a picture took time to coordinate.

My Fair Isle capelet is now completed and blocked!

I like the colors and I'm glad I switched to larger needles so the size got right, at least in width. I'm not fully sure the length is OK, it might be loo long. If it's not raining I'll try it tomorrow with a 3 yaer old and a stroller - will I be able to move my arms enough?

I'm happy with the colors and also that it all came out of my stash!

Eleanor in Delight

New project:
I found 1 (actually 2) balls of Drops Delight and decided to make Eleanor. This time I think I blocked it too much and in combination with not changing to a smaller needles the last rows it turned out a bit too loose.

I like the pattern and I'm thinking of using it again with a thicker yarn for the winter.

It was also interesting to see the color combination, the contrast was bigger than I imagined.

Hourglass sweater completed UFO ->FO

Finally finished!

I bought the yarn last year and did the knitting this summer (a fitted knit with a big belly was not my cup of tea). Then it ended up in a bag just waiting for the sewing parts.

The yarn is lovely and it was a fun project to knit.