Monday, August 17, 2009

...and some more yarn....

From the sock club I saw these socks and then I followed the link to the yarn producer, Miss Babs. There I got stuck looking at all the nice yarns and color combinations. My sister went to the US and voilá, an opportunity for her to bring me back some yarn.
Looking at all the colors and not being able to decide I went for the blackbird shadows. I lack a black sweater sometimes and the idea is to make an Hourglas sweater.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

more rag carpet cardigan

It's fun!!
I think I'll need more yarn than I origially planned.
I'll use the same coloring on the sleeves as on the body. I used my Lady February sweater for measurements, I hope it will fit :-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I like!

a lot from the last Interweave knits.
Maybe it is because I would like to look that way :-) I guess it's warm (and that's a good thing!). I think I would miss the long sleeves. I havn't really figured out all the thick woolen cardigans with short sleeves just yet.

...and here is another one I can imagine wearing (maybe in off-white)

Summer crochet cardigan

Inspired by Maria and then also by Liselotte I've started a new crochet project. I got some great yarn in the second Drops sales, Muskat in 9 different colors and have now calculated, and re-calculated and also started on my cardigan.
So far it gives me the feeling av rag carpet (trasmatta) but with the colors it makes me happy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer knitting - Eco cardigan for N

N is growing (or at least I hope so) and it's time for a bigger size of my "standard baby cardigan".

This time a red one in the eco cotton from Huskroken. I have 4 hanks and took one random to start with. When completing the back it noticed that the other 3 hanks are colored differently, the first one has more pink and white dots and the other have a darker pink shade. Time for a re-start and this project is now in the standard "Anna stand-still". That is when the finish-up starts and the last knitting of neckband etc.

Here is at least a picture of the start.

I share the FO any day....................... I'm lucky she is a small size yet.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer dress for N

At some point this lovely cotton yarn followed me home and was turned into a summer dress for N. Here she is at my grandmothers 90th birthday.

Danish design and made on 2.5 mm, the yarn is from Marias garn (I don't remember the name now)

Happy Birthday Dad - 70 years

What do you give to someone how has everything he needs? Something knitted of cause!

I bought the yarn at Marias during the first Drop yarn sale this spring. It's a classic alpaca yarn and I used the Classic Camel vest from Knitting Daily.

With classic leather buttons it tirned out great and the size was perfect. (I did the last finishing after he tried it on just to be on the safe side).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aeolian help & progress

I got some help with the knitting and sorting all the beads.
I'm now binding the threads and will soon block it. I had to start the 3 skein of yarn to finalize the bind-off.

Eco cotton sweater for N

I made the sweater using the eco cotton yarn I bought on sale earlier this year. I used a combination of two patterns from the book "Miss Bea's dressing up". I took the Tinkerbell Sweater flower but used the Hula Hula Sweater for the gauge.
The yearn feels good and N enjoyes it.

Mosaic Yoke Jacket completed

Neckline re-done and ready to use (I'll wash it some other time)
Lovely yarn, warm and soft.
I had to change the needles size, I used 4.5 mm, 5.25 for the pattern part and 4.0 mm for the edging.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aeolian start

I've started on the Aeolian shawl. I'm using the orange Malabriga lace yarn I bought at Nysta and beads from Marias garn. Lovely pattern and very soft yarn, maybe too many beads for a relaxing subway knitting.

Mosaic Yoke Jacket - neckline undone

I followed the pattern without trying so now I have removed a few rows from the neckline and then added the collar. More pictures to come.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Crochet jacket in progress...again

Time to make up, and pick up a needle.
With my normal way of working, also start a new project :-)

just one more row.....

soon ready :-)

Last buy at KnitLab

KnitLab, a yarn shop around my corner closed last wekend.
I couldn't resist the Blue Sky alpaca/silk yarn.....

or the alpaca yarn.I guess this is just one more sign of me being a "yarnoholic". Can't say I'm interested in any 12-step program, however I can admit that I cannot stop when I feel like it.

Can't say if this is good or bad just that it gives me a good feeling.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Crochet jacket in progress...or not

During the weekend I started on the crochet jacket. I'm using the yarn I bought at Nysta and I'm using this Garnstudio pattern. It is fast and it is fun.

My current concern is the size and also if the pattern is strange in sizing between the back and the front or if it is my changing "gauge" as I go along. The left front is a lot more then half the size of the back. I also realized that the yarn is not enough so I've mail ordered from Nysta the last 5 skeins. I hope this is sufficient.

Subway knitting

I've started on the second color on my "tube shawl". Lucky me to have a bigger bag so it still fit in it.

The contrast is not that big between the colors but I like it. I just start to imagine other color combination to do in the future.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

.....and some books

I passed Knitlab this weekend and learned that they are closing coming Saturday. Another yarn store to close :-( ,well Nysta will still be around but it will be more difficult to touch yarn there.

I'm tempted to invest in even more yarn but I've started with the following books, so I've done my book sale purchases, and they were all on my wish list.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

More yarn investments (=sales)

I feel that it is almost impossible not buy books at the yearly large book sale in February. I have found that it's as difficult to not buy yarn at any yarn sale.
Here is my increased stash from Marias yarn sale:
- Doredo wool yarn, intended to be a coat to N
- Eco cotton, for a spring sweater/cardigan to N
- Kid mohair, a tube shawl for me (pattern from Nysta)

Mosaic Yoke Jacket - almost there

It's getting closer! "Only" the neckline left.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've started on a sock!!!

The yarn was intended for the January sock (in Stickameras sockklubb 2009)but I think I wait a bit more with those. Instead I started on the February socks (with the "January yarn") and I'm passed the heel on the first sock. Who knows, maybe I'll even finish it.

Last buy at Nysta (IRL)

at least in the store on Luntmakargatan.

Nina is closing her store (but will be around in other forms). Today was the last day and I made it to the store 5 minutes to closing. Being the last customer out this is what I carried home:
  • 22+2 Eskimo with the intension to crochet a jacket. I have looked at it before and now Maria and Marika has started working and discussing about the same idea.

  • 7 skeins of Malabrigo lace, I just couldn't leave them in the store, green and orange and sooo soft!!!!!

Good luck to Nina and see you around!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chevalier mittens and 4.7m

The mittens are completed, very soft and warm, with 4.7 meters of yarn remaining.
Time for a new "subway project", maybe now I should knit socks?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mmmmmm harmony & Araucania

Lovely needles!!! The yarn is very soft, like knitting with butter.... Things can be worse.
I almost wish I had a longer subway ride to work.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Comfort shopping yarn

Thursday I was home with N (again) so I decided I (and maybe N as well) needed to be cheered up. Here is the result of my comfort shopping. Maria helped me to decide that I needed a pair of Chevalier mittens in this beautiful and very soft yarn (Araucania, Aysén) and needles to go with it.

Mosaic Yoke with 3 colors

Some progress. Now the color pattern is completed.

Isn't it interesting with a knitting technique that creates this with knitting one color at a time and just lift stitches?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mosaic Yoke jacket in progress

The Mosaic Yoke Jacket is well in progress. The first sleeve is now reknitted to better fit the pattern in the increases, as I made on the second sleeve. (I should make 5 increase repeats).

I knit the jacket in Drops Classic Aplaca on the paper the same thickness but I had to increase the needle size to 4.5/5 and still had to go one size up and add a few rows here and there.

With the whole jacket in one piece it is no longer a good subway-knitting, lucky me to have the new socks to start:-).

Sock knitter in spirit

I'm a sock knitter, at least in spirit. I occationally/regulary buy sock yarn. The thing is I don't knit socks. I've made a number och "raggsockor" (thick wool socks) years ago. A lot of the sock yarn has become baby cardigans.

Now is time for a change (I hope). I've signed up for "Stickamera sockklubb2009".

The firsts pattern is the Plaited points from Knitty. Despite all the sockyarn I have I didn't find any suitable at home and have now invested in Marias hand-painted sockyarn in wool/bamboo. Time to start!

Bigger girl

Time flies, not only between entries in this blog but also in life. Here is a picture from the party we had when N turned 2 years. My little baby is clearly a big (little!) girl now. With her "do self" attitude she blows out the candles herself.

Happy Bithday darling!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Knitting Year 2009

December disapeared fast with colds for everyone in the family and many days with "working" from home with a sick N beside me. On Christmas Day the rest of the family had fever (39. something) so the Holidays didn't turn out as we planned.

It is a good time to have nice sweaters on and T uses his "Back Home to Vermont Sweater" a lot, I tried it on and it fits me too, so maybe I can borrow it (or make myself an own - it was a fun knitting)

On the needles right now is the Mosaic Yoke Jacket. I'm on the second sleeve and need to redo the first increase part.... more pictures later. Here is the body, knitted in one piece and waiting for the sleeves.