Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm knitting Pop Spots

It's been great fun, all the way to the border.....

At this point I started doing the math: lace pattern of 12 rows (and I know that I will not learn it!) and 111 repeats............. after doing one repeat I put it aside for a few days going into a mode of surfing Ravelry and my knitting books looking for a next project. Currently I'm drooling over Boxy and trying to remember if I may have a possible yarn in my stash.

Back to Pop Spots and and I'm now 12 repeats done and 99 to go.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pop spots in Einband

When I saw the Pop Spots shawl I fell in love and decided it needed to be number one on my to knit list.
On Syfestivalen I found some Einband yarn in happy spring colors and started (very! unlike me) to knit some samples just to see hit it would come out (and also to try the technique)

I first thought about doing a turquois with green spots but they were too similar.

So I went for the green with lime spots. I'll see about the border color when I'm there.
Knitting in Einband is a new experience, Its far from a soft yarn but I've heard that it will soften when washed. It also turns my fingers green.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lace "homework" to Avigmaskan

We got some homework at Avigmaskan two weeks ago. We should all knit the same lace pattern using different yarn and needle sized. I think I got some merino yarn (Drops?) and I used 5 mm needles.
I'm unable to join the group tomorrow but I've made a delivery to Trassel.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Haruni shawl completed - Q1 FO done!

I've blooked my Haruni shawl and it's ready to wear.
I had some good finishing up speed during the weekend with both the La La's simple shawl and Haruni. I even managed to block some sample knits (very unlike me!). It is propable repated to the urge to start new things!!! Maybe the best thing is just to start all the things that is calling out to be knittied. That would be a different challange - start at least 10 new project the coming month (I better not even think more about it).

The Haruni is knitted on 3.75mm in BC(?) Mulberry silk in an olive shade (I have no numberfor the color since the investment is 3 years old). I made the chart A one repeat larger than the original pattern.
I like the lace and hope Spring comes soon so time to wear it.

With the camera at hand, here are some more slides of the La La's simple shawl:

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fininshing up the La La's simple shawl

I bought some yarn ago (so unlike me?!) and decided to make a Spring shawl of it.
I've been wanting to do a La La's simple shawl and went ahead. I bought the yarn on e-bay/Tradera from Madeja, Uruguay, it's merino with some silk.
Now, blocking is in progress and since the snow keeps coming in Stockholm it is really no rush.