Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two colors at Avigmaskan

Yesterday I took my self to Trassel for a night with two color knitting with Avigmaskan.

We should have started a knitting prior to the night, the Heart Mittens (Ravelry link) were so fun that I actually finished the first one beforehand. I tried to start on Stjärnhop but it felt too odd having one strand in each hand. I guess I need a smaller project (e.g. a hat) to practice on.

I switch the dominating color on the other mitten and had to start over when I came home.

But I enjoyed myself!!!!!

Visit to Syfestivalen

This year I visited Syfestivalen with my friend Therese. Just the feeling of walking without a stroller or someone calling "mommy" every minut was great. I actually thought that we would have time to sit down and knit while drinking coffee. I was wrong.....

For the first time at Syfestivalen I joined a workshop. I made a hat for N. It is a little big but over time she will grow. The most important thing is that she liked it and wore it the whole weekend.

Of cause I got a few other things as well. The black and pink/gray wool from Ullcentrum will (maybe) be a "Stjärnhop" one day in the future. The purple rabbit skinn - I'm not sure yet. If N decides they will be in her bed all the time.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's heart

Last Tuesday I went to Trassel to participate in Avigmaskan's "double knitting evening. I had fun that night and I hope to be able to return for other events during the Spring.

I had never done it before but managed to make 2! hearts.

Next time I do this I'll need to remember to twist the yarn when turning. Otherwise it went fine and was fairly easy, but I think I need a lot of training before trying it in front of the TV :-)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Maybe in my next life.....

A possibility to learn how to spin at Skansen.
I think I would like it very much but I'm too afraid to start spinning. I feel that the yarn stash takes up enough space in our home with adding a new stash of fibres :-)

So in my next life I'll attend..........

Monday, February 7, 2011

Citron - blurry picture

I've knitted a Citron in Malabrigo lace. I made it a bit larger than the original pattern but have still to wear it.

I think I started in 2009 and finished the blocking part in 2010.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Start and restart of Cobblestone

For Christmas I bought T yarn to a Cobblestone sweater. N, now 4 years thought that he should knit it. I explained that I was going to do the knitting part. I bought Heavens hand in an olive shade at Litet Nystan.

While starting many other projects (and finishing very few) I started in a good manner. I swatched and meassured. I made it "the old way" meaning (only) making a small swatch 12 cm at the tops and not really long enough to count the rows. It was according to the gauge - so - I frogged it. (At HV I was taught to make a larger swatch, prefferably in the same manner that the garment will be knitted - for Cobblestone, it in the round. Then wash it and save it. Never seem to remember that part of the preparation)

Size was decided and I started. A, 8 months helped me winding the yarn but mostly she was trying to eat it.

Feeling good about the progress I asked T to try it on after one skein, it looked OK. After the second skein I asked again for I thought it looked a bit too small. Of cause it was.....

Time for restart making one size larger:

Current status is almost ready to start the yoke, T is away this week so I've started on the first sleeve, and of cause also started two other projects and brought home yarn for another three :-)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cardigan to N in Drops Lima

Of cause I had to try the noew yarn Lima from DRops. I made N a cardigan in pink and purple. The design is a mix of a basic pattern from a Miss Bea book from Rowan and traditional norweigian stars.
Difficult to get a representative picture of the colors, I think the picture of the back is more like the real colors.
I like the yarn and the colors. Being me I bought some in different colors when the yarn was on special price and have more ideas of what to do.

Cowl in alpaca ready

I finished a project!!! The cowl is ready.

I actually made it already last year, just havn't got the time to update the blog.

It's warm and nice and I use it a lot - it was a great project. I had to shorten the last rep of the pattern with 2 rows since I ran out of yarn. It was a fun knit with little finishing (I LIKE THAT!)