Friday, April 22, 2011


Spring is here and I and the kids had a great day at Skansen yesterday and followed the Swedish tradition of dressing up as påskkärringar (Easter witches).VERY little knitting/chrochet is done now. T has a bad back and is in constant pain so I'm busy with everything.

But I'm dreaming and of cause of new projects, how about the granny stripe blanket . I'm also considering the acrylic yarn but that is to cross a line.......

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Knit cafe at Parkvillan Bogesund Sunday

I took my whole family and Therese took hers and we headed out to Parkvillan at Bogesund, Vaxholm. It was a really beautiful Spring day and the kids could run around without jackets.

Parkvillan was a nice and very pretty place and the cafe offered a full range of cookies and other goodies. I like the idea that everything cost 20 and you pay when you leave.
After lunch the men and children were let out and Therese and I joined the happy group in the knitting cafe. With the camera outside there are no photos of us knitting but I started on a new(!) project, a skirt to N in Muskat. The pattern is from Nystas childrens book. The phrase "Trassel was out of the pink yarn but I got you purple" was used to alter the color in N's wardrobe.

I was very temted to buy of of each color of Erika Laurells cotton yarn from Muchis but behaved myself. But in my head I'm planning for childrens summer cardigans in "ice cream colors".

A very good day Spring day!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I never got to Avigmaskan Tuesday

This Tuesday Avigmaskan had an evening for finishing up project. I packed a (huge) bag with six project that are almost almost finished (just the boring parts left - or?)

One of the project is Cobblestone - T's Christmas present.

How close to finished can an UFO be?

I have 16 stiches left and then I'm done (since 2 weeks maybe)

Then T had to work late and I couldn't make it in time so I decided to stay home. Did I do any of the projects?

No, I started a new one! This will probably be mittens for N for Spring (or Fall 2011).

Japanese Garden Shawl completed

It was a fun and fairly fast project. I like the yarn I got for it, Ella Rae, it's a hand painted merino and I found it at Trassel. Should I do another one I would make it larger.