Thursday, June 14, 2012

MVG - Well done!

Congratulations Amanda!
MVG in Craft and a very nice pair of knitted mittens.
It's been a nice to follow the progress and the very steep learning curve in knitting with two colors, dnp needles, increase and all the other steps on the way.
The pattern is from Nysta and the yarn i Drops Nepal and Noro Silk garden.

I'm a very proud God mother!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Babette blanket puzzle completed

I managed to complete the puzzle without losing one piece.

 I've used the yarn from my Lucy striped granny blanket. One of very few projects in acrylic yarn.
 I havn't blcoket it yet - being acrylic I'm not sure it will change. The smallest squares became a bit too big.
This has been a great project and I can see myself doing a second one. I like to use me wool yarn stash but still make the blanket a bit bigger. To be added to my dream list of future project.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

UFO May and lucky me!

I leave the remaining baby cardigan for now and pick up an "old friend".
Bloomsbury from Rowan magazin 28 (?). +10 years as UFO.
Wonders have happened before.
This is my May UFO in 12under12under2012.

Lucky me - I won the May lottery in 12under12under2012 - the yarn looks very lovely.

Happy Happy!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cardigan ready - FO May

In 12under12under2012 I didn't complete my April UFO so it developed into UFO May.
It was close that it stayed that way in May also but I managed to complete one of the childrens cardigans.
I knitted them for N when she was between 2-3 years (she is now 5). Little sister A has now turned 2 years so I hope that she can use them. This cardigan is made using my "standard" pattern, Strawberry Bud, from Rowan. This time without the buds. The yarn is bought at Yll o Tyll (I think) and is an eco cotton from either Huskroken och Regnbåge....

The colors aren't as orange as the flash makes them.