Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mmmmmm harmony & Araucania

Lovely needles!!! The yarn is very soft, like knitting with butter.... Things can be worse.
I almost wish I had a longer subway ride to work.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Comfort shopping yarn

Thursday I was home with N (again) so I decided I (and maybe N as well) needed to be cheered up. Here is the result of my comfort shopping. Maria helped me to decide that I needed a pair of Chevalier mittens in this beautiful and very soft yarn (Araucania, Aysén) and needles to go with it.

Mosaic Yoke with 3 colors

Some progress. Now the color pattern is completed.

Isn't it interesting with a knitting technique that creates this with knitting one color at a time and just lift stitches?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mosaic Yoke jacket in progress

The Mosaic Yoke Jacket is well in progress. The first sleeve is now reknitted to better fit the pattern in the increases, as I made on the second sleeve. (I should make 5 increase repeats).

I knit the jacket in Drops Classic Aplaca on the paper the same thickness but I had to increase the needle size to 4.5/5 and still had to go one size up and add a few rows here and there.

With the whole jacket in one piece it is no longer a good subway-knitting, lucky me to have the new socks to start:-).

Sock knitter in spirit

I'm a sock knitter, at least in spirit. I occationally/regulary buy sock yarn. The thing is I don't knit socks. I've made a number och "raggsockor" (thick wool socks) years ago. A lot of the sock yarn has become baby cardigans.

Now is time for a change (I hope). I've signed up for "Stickamera sockklubb2009".

The firsts pattern is the Plaited points from Knitty. Despite all the sockyarn I have I didn't find any suitable at home and have now invested in Marias hand-painted sockyarn in wool/bamboo. Time to start!

Bigger girl

Time flies, not only between entries in this blog but also in life. Here is a picture from the party we had when N turned 2 years. My little baby is clearly a big (little!) girl now. With her "do self" attitude she blows out the candles herself.

Happy Bithday darling!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Knitting Year 2009

December disapeared fast with colds for everyone in the family and many days with "working" from home with a sick N beside me. On Christmas Day the rest of the family had fever (39. something) so the Holidays didn't turn out as we planned.

It is a good time to have nice sweaters on and T uses his "Back Home to Vermont Sweater" a lot, I tried it on and it fits me too, so maybe I can borrow it (or make myself an own - it was a fun knitting)

On the needles right now is the Mosaic Yoke Jacket. I'm on the second sleeve and need to redo the first increase part.... more pictures later. Here is the body, knitted in one piece and waiting for the sleeves.