Saturday, August 25, 2012

A day of Inspiration

Today I'm happy!

I first started out with friends att Liljevalchs and saw Hemslöjden 100 år.
A lot of inspiration and I'm impressed of all the hours that people around Sweden has put into the leaves. So many ideas and great things that came out. 

After lunch at Blå Porten I joined my family at Skansen and saw "Wool and linen at Skansen".
At Oktorpgården I did my very first spinning. This can be really dangerous!!!!
Not a lot of call home for but I can realy understand the joy.
The kids had fun as well. A did some old time washing and N tried to card recycled wool.
Linen at Älvrosgården.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August FO completed

I've completed the cardigan/coat that I started to big sister N some 3.5 years ago.
It is completed "just-in-time" before A is too big I think. But it is the season for wool cardigans.
The yarn is do-redo and bought at Marias garn on a sale some yeras ago.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alpaca cardigan completed (left to wash)

I've completed the cardigan, just need to wash it again to get the lamp oil stench out and then it should be ready to wear when the fall comes.

The stripes on the sleeves reminds me of this - I didn't planned for it but I like it!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I was so proud - I was knitting from my stash, at least almost all the yarn was there to start. Only 2 skeins was missing - but then I was planning for striped sleeves.

Thing doesn't always turn out the way I plan:

  • Just because the fun part (knitting) was over and the finish up part should start doesn't mean the knitting needles should be left at home. The wooden "skewer" (grillpinnar) left wooden trails in the yarn and almost broke it.

  • Just because the dyelot were 1102 and 1104 doen't mean they are close in shade. The sleevs are much more yellow - and I think it got worse after washing.

  • Just because the knitting (with sharp needles to do the finishing up) should be kept out of reach for children it is NOT a good idea to place it on top of an oil lamp to soke over night. It stinks! Now I need to figure out how to clean it. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vacation knitting - sweater for N in Muskat soft

After showing this pattern to N she wanted one. I managed to find the pink (surprise!) color combination at Ljungqvist during the supersale. I bought 7 skeins which was good since the 6 indicated in the pattern wan't sufficient (OK - I made it 3 cm longer).  The color comination isn't as blue IRL- feature of the flash.

I havn't yet seen it on her so I hope she will like it. I ommitted the lace on the sleeves, I have a feeling she will get stuck in everything if they are there.

A plain and very good vacation knitting, I'm not yet sure about the yarn, it looks a bit dirty as the colors changes

Monday, August 6, 2012

LUFO 2012 - Diva from Hanne Falkenberg

I found my Diva project, hope to finish this during 2012.
I need to remeber/figure out the needle size, the sizr I'm knitting and how to understand/interpret a pattern in danish :-)

August UFO

I made this for N, now more than 3 years later I hope that it will fit A - if I managed to complete it.

New sweater inspired by Pippi - July FO

I had to start over but I had a nice knit during my vacation and A is happy with her new sweater.