Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mothers Day and color inspiration

Today is Mothers Day in Sweden and we went to Skansen, an open air museum in Stockholm. Here is one of the new cubs giving her mother a pet?!.

N enjoyed all the animals and of cause also the ice cream she got. I got inspired by the colors of this peacock. Imaging this knitted.......

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I almost made it and a mitten

I didn't have time to finish all 5 projects until today. One excuse is that I spend too much time knitting (maybe the best excuse there is). I'm done with the "body" of the first two-end knitted mitten and will start on the thumb now, and then the second mitten of cause.

However I did complete 4 of the 5 project. Here is N in her new eco (cotton) cardigan. I've used this cardigan to practice on the new ways to finsh that I learned at HV school. I like the result and it wasn't too tricky.

The project that is still a UFO is my Bloomsberry cardigan. This has been in progress (hybernating) for years. I love the yarn (Rowans' wool cotton) and I like the model as well. I think what made me reluctant to pick it up is the embroderies. It's difficult to make them look good. Well I'll continue working on this but I don't think I'll put up a new deadline. The mitten is there in the picture, but difficult to see.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Big yarn day and slow progress

Yesterday was the "Big Yarn Day" at Warp &Weft with discounts on Fall and Winter yarns.
I came home with 4 skeins of Lovvika Yarn to do mittens, and a cotton reel - a gift for N.
This is a crazy time to think of more mittens considering it will be above 25C this weekend but my youngest niece got her black mittens washed in the machine so they are "a little too small" as she puts it. Same rule as before is valid, when a girl asks for a knitted item it's irresistible.

I have slow progress right now, only three days to go and I have two things to complete.... Better get started tomorrow.

I continue to scare other passengers on the subway in the mornings with 5 sharp needles and a half-finished two-end knitting.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1, 2 and 3 - Half time in cleaning challenge

A challenge isn't a good challenge unless you make it harder for yourself. I sat up 5 projects to finish, I gave myself 12 days to do that, and then I start a new project and spend a lot of time knitting on that. Here is the progress so far on my two-end knitting mitten. Fun but fells backwards.

At least I have now completed 3 of the 5 projects (of cause the easy ones).

1) Lords & Ladies now is washed and have bands to tie it (instead of Icords). Really bad picture - in the mirror with a flash :-(

2) The Icarus shawl is blocked! and ready - it is huge. The quilt cover is for a kind size bed!
The blocking wires were a good investment.

3) Chantel is ready, washed blocked! and fringed. Blocking with children is difficult. Here I built a tent for Chantel. Pins and kids are not ready to meet yet. But when it's done blocking it was fun to play peekaboo with.

What's the progress for Elena and Tant Berg?