Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lovikka mittens

I did a pair of Lovikka mittens last year for my niece F . It's impossible to resist when a girl asks for knitted gifts! She obviously used then a lot and this year she has gotten bigger hands and asks for a new pair. I go to the store and buy more yarn. Coming home from Hurtigs cafe Tuesday night I started on the first mitten and I completed the second one last night. Mittens are fast and 5 mm needles are "faster" than 2,5 :-)

Then came the UFO that I only have pathetic excuses not to have finished (out of yarn and having a baby not included). I also started and almost (99.x%) finished a pair of mittens for T.

67 minutes after I took the first picture I took the second one and T is smiling.

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Marias garnhändelser said...

Fiiiina vantar!
hade ni tevligt på Hurtigs? Blir det fler ggr?