Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Start Babette blanket

I havn't touched the bag of unfinished cardigans for my April UFO. I hope for a long weekend.

Instead I've started a crochet project, the Babette blanket.

I'm a rookie at crochet and makes rookie mistakes - like counting. First attempt didn't came out as a square!
Next atempt was much better! Now it is fun and kind of addictive. I just not really ready for the approx 1000 threads to handle in the making up part...... 
I'm using the the reamining of the (acrylic) yarn from my Granny stripe blanket that I made for N earlier. This lanket will be for A - if it ever gets ready.

Toady my good daugther also came by to get some help with her school project. She is really good and took the advise to restart and change to larger needles exellent. Forgot to bring out the camera but hope to catch at least the finished mittens on "film".

Monday, April 16, 2012

Springtime Bandit XL with an edge

Completed and mailed to my dear J. I hope it will warm you.

It is almost 2 m wide. I made multiple base pattern and also added an edge from this book.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April UFO - bag of cardigans

I love to knit! I'm not that passionated about completing and finish up.
I found a bag of children cardigans that were knitted intended for N (now 5), I better complete them if A (almost 2 ) should use them before they are too small. At least one should be done as April UFO.