Monday, March 16, 2009

Crochet jacket in progress...again

Time to make up, and pick up a needle.
With my normal way of working, also start a new project :-)

just one more row.....

soon ready :-)

Last buy at KnitLab

KnitLab, a yarn shop around my corner closed last wekend.
I couldn't resist the Blue Sky alpaca/silk yarn.....

or the alpaca yarn.I guess this is just one more sign of me being a "yarnoholic". Can't say I'm interested in any 12-step program, however I can admit that I cannot stop when I feel like it.

Can't say if this is good or bad just that it gives me a good feeling.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Crochet jacket in progress...or not

During the weekend I started on the crochet jacket. I'm using the yarn I bought at Nysta and I'm using this Garnstudio pattern. It is fast and it is fun.

My current concern is the size and also if the pattern is strange in sizing between the back and the front or if it is my changing "gauge" as I go along. The left front is a lot more then half the size of the back. I also realized that the yarn is not enough so I've mail ordered from Nysta the last 5 skeins. I hope this is sufficient.

Subway knitting

I've started on the second color on my "tube shawl". Lucky me to have a bigger bag so it still fit in it.

The contrast is not that big between the colors but I like it. I just start to imagine other color combination to do in the future.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

.....and some books

I passed Knitlab this weekend and learned that they are closing coming Saturday. Another yarn store to close :-( ,well Nysta will still be around but it will be more difficult to touch yarn there.

I'm tempted to invest in even more yarn but I've started with the following books, so I've done my book sale purchases, and they were all on my wish list.