Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm knitting Pop Spots

It's been great fun, all the way to the border.....

At this point I started doing the math: lace pattern of 12 rows (and I know that I will not learn it!) and 111 repeats............. after doing one repeat I put it aside for a few days going into a mode of surfing Ravelry and my knitting books looking for a next project. Currently I'm drooling over Boxy and trying to remember if I may have a possible yarn in my stash.

Back to Pop Spots and and I'm now 12 repeats done and 99 to go.

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Tant Berg said...

Den blir ju jättefin! Nu blev jag sugen på att börja på min, men jag stickar ju en *fult ord* buttercup! Ha en glad påsk!