Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fair Isle capelet

There must be somethink wrong with me!
I don't complete almost any projects, I just start new ones.

Lately when my hourglass sweater came to the place when my project normally comes to a halt, when I'm done knitting and should just do the finish up part (and for an hourglass sweater that is extremely complicated (not) since it is done in one piece). I then started a zipped raglan cardigan in cotton (Muskat and "kabeltvinnad") for T, and realized it will not stretch as I thought. Back in the bag whith it to later be restarted.

Time for next project:
In the book Inspired to knit I found this great capelet and using some of my left over yarns (mostly Rowans Magpie, but also thinner wool used with 2 strands).

This is a fun knitting. I'm using 5,5mm needles so it will be much larger than origibally, on the other hand the girl in the picture looks really petite.

With only the threads to saw in and maybe do something about the edge I should be able to finish it.
Then it's time to starting blocking shawls.