Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saturday in Granhammar and more of Diva

What a day! It was an early start on the local train at 06:41 to catch the train to Örebro at 8 o'clock.
Here is the Diva project on the local train.

We arrived at Granhammar and spend a wonderful day knitting, eating, talking, laughing and occasionally buying yarn. A perfect day indoors and with perfect winter weather outside.

The yarnstore was from heaven. I'm thankful it exist but for my financial situation not within walking distance.
The room (barn) where we sat was beautiful and with Chrsitmas decorations with a theme.

My knitting project, Diva (my LUFO for 2012) in in reverse. I began to think that I didn't have enough yarn to complete it. So I started to look at the pictures and understood that I cannot have the collar and the sleeves in the same color (as the current plan was). More frogging.
At home after one day of knitting the colar I read the SMALL letters (make k2tog TBL). Why didn't I see that (READ it) before spending a full day knitting? While calculating my options and alternatives ways forward I reknit the sleeves in pink. I try to knit fast because I'm affraid that I'll ran out of the pink yarn as well. 

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