Saturday, December 15, 2012

Diva out of yarn - No LUFO 2012

I'm out of yarn and the sleeves are not yet ready.
I reknitted the sleeves in fuschia and managed to reach the armholes.
This means I'm out of the contest or the LUFO price for 2012.

I really tried but "things happened" on the way (totally out of my control)
- first knitting the sleeves in the wrong color and then
- the collar "out-side-in" and finally
- running out of yarn.

Maybe it wasn't meant for me to finish it now.
Next step is to start the hunt for extra Hanne Falkenberg yarn in the Fuschia color and hope that the shades hasn't changed much from 2006!

Time to start something new I think!

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Tant Berg said...

Fick du tag på mer garn?