Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yarn addiction - not me

- "I want to knit with reflective yarn."

I've had this idea a few weeks in my head.
Already last week I tried to buy the yarn at Litet Nystan. With two kids ni the car (A was sleeping) I circled more than 20 minutes around Mariatorget to find a parking space. I was aiming for a legal spot and one close to the store to be able to carry A after I woke her.  I didn't find one!

Today I was better prepared! Play day in the park at Bergsgruvan, lunch at kid restaurant with balloons and gifts and then finally a walk to the store. With 20 minutes to closing the store was full. Balloons and stroller at the door and we went in.

I'm buying for the kids - Yeah - right!
I'm trying to tell myself that but to be honest - I'm buying for myself.
I have yarn, lots of yarn. Buying yarn still makes me happy.

In the bag home I have
- Purple Allino to become a bolero for N
- Alpaca to make hats for A and N
- Nepal just for the fun of it. Maybe mittens and scarfs for A and N.

Of cause the reflective yarn was sold out!
Luckily Eva in Stäket had then in stock and I've saved my day by making an order.

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Tant Berg said...

Jag köpte garn igår.... igen. Jag fattar inte hur det går till. Men som sagt jag mår bra av det! Åh vad jag längtar till den 8 december. KRAMAR