Thursday, November 29, 2012

LUFO - Diva in reverse

After struggling with the pattern, both in Danish and English, I finally dared to start with the front/collar of Diva. Short rows and in parallel reduce stiches on the outer edge. It didn't feel like plain "TV knitting". I thought I got the hang of it and had good progress, until I started to look at what I was knitting.
Oops - I forgot some 9 ridges between the short rows.

(in Swedish) - Gör om, gör rätt!

A deep breath, some word not made for printing and two more nights I'm back on track.
The 12under12under2012 LUFO deadline with Lucia (December 13) is approaching fast, luckely for me I have December 8 planned for a knitting day on train and in Granhammar

I just hope I have enough yarn.

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