Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recap - Skirt in Muskat

Early this summer I started on a skirt to N in Muskat. The pattern is fron Nina's book, Sticka till babyn. A cotton ribbon should be placed on the inside and I took out my (OLD) sewing machine.
I felt like I was back in the 3rd grade and on the first ever sewing class.

The result was terrible. I had to remove it and place it back sewing by hand.

A helped out and checked the result.Luckely, N also liked the result and has worn it a lot. Here is a picture from Gotland this summer. Coffee in Visby and me knitting on "Stjärnhop". I think I only have 10 more rows to go and I should get going. I now have a NEW sewing machine that I bought at Syfestivalen, yet to be used.

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