Sunday, December 9, 2007

Rib reknitted!

Last year my best friend J's man M turned 40 so I made a sweater for him. I got the yarn from Maria, it's 1 thread 2-ply wool (Kampes?) and 1 thread Drops alpacka. I used an old Rowan pattern for a sweater in Magpie as a base.

He liked the colors and the shape, apart from the lining, the sweater turned out a bit too short and since I'd made the lining in moss st. and not a rib, the sweater didn't fall nicely at the back. So for the first time I have now knitted "up-side-down", picking up stitches and making a new lining, this time in rib.

So here it is with a traditional rib lining. I do hope this will fit better.


Marias garnhändelser said...

Hoppas han blev nöjd!

Inger C said...

Waawooh - was this an UFO? Great work Anna!
Superavancerat fixat! :-)