Sunday, May 31, 2015

Offshore V-neck is now an FO.

I had this sweater as my UFO for May. I started it as late as April this year but then I turned to other project s and if not ready now then it would have been left to the fall.

It is knitted in Cascade 220 heather, this is the first time I knit in this yarn. Very nice knitting and the cables comes out well. The sweater is not blocked yet, I leave that for a rainy day (or later).

I like the model with the cables and the saddles that goes to the back.
There are many "at the same time" and I missed a few but decided to go ahead and improvise. I managed to get the cables row at the WS for the sleeves. AS many had commented the number of stiches for the neck was few and I added more than 50%.

I wanted a big and cozy sweater and made size 45, maybe a big too big. After making a number of fitted cardigans I felt to knit something to cuddle up in.

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