Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Moving in

My stash is open. I have moved from IKEA Expedit and boxes to this!
Having kept it hidden earlier, members of my family stated "Mom, you have a lot of yarn". This is so very true.
I hope that I will feel inspired and not pressured every time I see this.
I also hope that the rest of the family will not notice if I happen to add some skeins to the stash in the future.


Helena Eriksson said...

Where did you buy it? It looks Both beautiful and practical!

Anna said...

Thank you. It feels good to see all the yarn I have. The cabinet I found on Blocket (the model is Muscot från Stalands). The yarn - all over.

Kattis said...

Åh, vilket fint sätt att förvara sin stash på!