Thursday, February 20, 2014

Varmt & Stickat - mittens

I bought the book "Varmt & Stickat" for myself around Christmas. I had it on my bedside table and flipped the pages, again and again and again. - I want to knit this.....and this.....and this.......
After a while I got my post-it notes and started to mark the pages. It feels that I ended up marking them all. I have now finally started with a project. I'm making the mittens from the front page and using Smart from Sandnes in two purple shades that I bought this fall to make mittens for the girls.
This is also the first time I knit with the Knit Pro carbon needles (Syfestival investment!). I'm using 3 mm and I really like the feeling and the sound that they make.
Eva and Erika, what a beautiful book you made. Thanks!