Monday, October 1, 2012

Möbius in progress and twined knitting plans?

It is so relaxing to have a no-thinking knitting and I'm curious to see the Möbius grow. Then it's also the yarn. A self striping yarn is alway nice to knit with, the thinking is no longer "one more row" it's "one more color". Noro is like that and here - Rowan is no exeption (even is I would be more visible if I could take this knitting "ball" and flatten it out to see the changes).

I have about 160 stitches and I'm making my "cowl" striped from a right and a wrong side perspective.

Depending on light (and maybe my mood) the Rowan Kidsilk Haze stripe is a mix between Autum leaves and Titti Frutti. I'm looking forward to the finished project.

I'm also thinking about the October UFO and after Avigmaskan tomorrow I see if I dare to pick my (tvåändsstickning) twined knitted mittens that lacks a thumb. They are more than 4 years old and I havn't used the techique since. Time for a challange?

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