Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Granny stripe blanket - Acrylic, here we go!

When N was a baby I made a wool blanket for the stroller. Becoming a big sister made her rediscover this blanket(approx 50 x 70 cm) and decided she had to have it in her bed as a blanket (under the cover!). I found the granny stripe blanket at Ravelry and decided I wanted to do for N as a replacement.

First I made a swatch(!) that become a doll blanket, this time in wool.

Then I crossed the line - I went for the prepacked "Lucy stile" acrylic yarn. I got it from Mason's in the UK for about 40£/400 SEK.

Second step was to decide the order, here N helped out on the kitchen floor.

I have approx 170 "stiches"/57 clusters and hook 4mm and plan to make 6 repetitions of the 17 colors. Here is the first one ready.


aihanako said...

you still need to buy more yarn don't you,or was that lucy pack enough????how many chains did you strat your blanket with? thanks

aihanako said...

was that lucy pack enough yarn for the blanket?and how many did you chain?? thanks

Anna said...

I started with 171 chains, it turned out to 57 clusters. I more than halfway through and I think it will be sufficient.

Jane Aaa said...

I'm planning to design my own blanket and your tips had really help me in completing it. Thanks to you :)