Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm stuck :-(

It was WWKIPD this/last Saturday and I was there. Unfortunately it rained and was cold so we moved indoors to Maria. (see also her pictures). It was my first social knitting this Spring (apart for the HV school weekends). It was so fun meeting everyone there and I managed to do a few rows. Anna helped me discover that I'm knitting a cardigan WAY too big and need to frog and redo.... kind of made me sad, my knitting status now is:
  • Bloomsberry, packed in a bag - again
  • Two-end mittens, subway knitting, getting closer to the end of the second one - it feels so odd to knit mittens in June.
  • Baby cardigan, should have been a gift for a christianing last weekend, went away to finish it and forgot to buy buttons (National Holiday and everythings closed) - still not ready
  • Nice Spring cardigan "Geno" for myself in green. Needs to be frogged and recalculated...uhhh
Time to stop whining - I think I need yet a new project - knitting should be fun!!!!

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Tant Berg said...

Jag håller med dig! Det ska vara kul att sticka. Jag repade upp en halv tröja till mig själv häromdagen, det kanske vore bra att mäta masktätheten aningens noggrannare ibland. Ja ja, på det sättet räcker saker länge.

Ha en trevlig midsommar!