Monday, February 18, 2008

Knitting Lite

I have put all projects aside and have a new bag of "knitting goodies".

I've started on Icarus, using a wool-silk blend in a beautiful coral color, that was a gift from Christine.

I've some eco cotton for a baby cardi and some Spelsau (wool) to start the HV project - mittens. Still not started!

And - I must say I havn't examined my head yet, some kid mohair to make a second Chantel. Maybe I should complete the first one first one might think. To my defence, sometimes you are allowed to crochet but not to knit and the Chantel pattern is the only pattern I know.

Pictures to come!

1 comment:

Elena said...

How's things over there? It's been pretty hectic over here and we've had our share of flu's and such. But the sun i shining today so there's hope of warmer and less flu intense periods ;)

Sounds like you are having some exciting projects going on!

Great knitting .. and crocheting!